Cold weather makes you ache?

lol Oh, Williams. You’re a riot! So, that’s why you beat it out of the north (just kidding)??? I guess cold weather only makes you ache if you don’t move. We downhill ski a couple of times a week, and my husband just bought the two preschoolers their own sets of cross country skis, boots and poles this week. They’ve already been out twice since Sunday. I think when we retire we’ll actually spend more time going to ski resorts and skiing. The resort we ski at has a huge group of over 80 year olds who get together and ski weekly. One guy is over 100, and skis all the time. They’ve even given him his own parking spot, just in his honor.

I give thought to long term care insurance all the time. My inlaws do not have it and yet shop and go to casinos. They are very nice people, but I find it so frustrating and irresponsible to tell you the truth. By the time all my children are out of the house, I’ll be 64; I do not want to then have to start taking care of my inlaws. Everytime they buy my children (their grandchildren) trinkets, all I can think to myself is why don’t they save this money and buy themselves long term care insurance??? My husband has mentioned it to them, but they just blow him off. The problem is, they are planning on retiring to the cabin that is two lots down from our home. If we buy the lot next to ours, and build on it, they will be our next door neighbors. My husband is very close to his parents, but I don’t think it is at all fair for us to then assume their care just because they haven’t planned for their elder care. I figure if you don’t have a plan, then you’re just planning on the government to take care of you, and that is not my plan for myself. Why don’t other people get this? Ok. Can I scream here now???? This really is a concern to me, as selfish as it sounds.

Well, I guess we’re sort of semi retired already

We travel about 2 months out of the year (breaking it up into various trips throughout the year). We’re debt free, and we sock away most of our money into various categories. Older kids are in college, all paid for. I’ll turn 50 this year and dh will turn 40 next month. Our jobs are flexible so we can travel as we do. I don’t think we’ll ever truly retire because we both enjoy what we do and they are not stressful jobs. I think my husband is looking at turning his part time business into a full time business in the next few years, but we’ll see. He travels with his full time job, and it’s getting to be a bit taxing for all of us with his being away from the family so often. If we did actually go for it (full blown retirement), it will be when we’re comfortable with the cash reserves and investments we have, and when we can sell the home we currently reside in for a tidy sum. We’re contemplating purchasing the lot next to ours, and then we’ll eventually build on that after we sell this home, and bank the rest of the money. We’ll probably by a motorhome then as well. I’m definitely planning on getting some sort of elder care health insurance by the time I turn 60. Hopefully, I’ll still be in good health and it should be a lot cheaper to get it then, rather than wait until I’m 70. Our younger children will only be 12 and 14, so we’ll still have a few more years until college for them, but I think after we both get them off to college, we’ll definitely do a lot more traveling, and maybe we’ll chuck our jobs by then.

Obviously if we have health issues, we won’t travel as much

That is why we are exercising now. Cancer doesn’t really run in our family so I am not too worried about that. Wife’s grandmother lived to be 94 with no major health issues. Make sure you start to budget for Long Term Health insurance about 3-4 years before you turn 60. It will probably be about $300.00 a month, but if nursing homes start to cost $500 a day, it will be worth it.

Idealistically, we would like to move to a retirement home with step up care

Two of our sons have small cottage like homes on their property and have offered those when the time comes…but for us having other olders around us, being able to come and go as we please knowing that if something happened we would have the care we needed there is more what we are looking for.

We love the semi self sufficient country life we now live, but when we “retire” we want it to be just that. We WILL spend time with our children in the guest houses, but I want them to be able to do what they want if one of us should be bedridden.

The one we have our eye on is called The Lodge, very nice place and it allows up to two animals per apartment. The cost ) includes meals and transportation if you want although you can certainly have a vehicle, is 2500 a month…….way more then we spend a month now… I have a few years to save up 🙂

I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to care for my parents

but I want to be able to do it if it comes up. I’ve been begging my grandma to come live with us since we moved to a larger house.
There’s a very good chance that we would inherit most of the real estate our parents own (plus a grandparent); no mortgages on any except one (which is the only one we wouldn’t inherit 100%), in addition to the 2 houses we currently own.
I hope to be in the position that if I were unable to do for myself that I would either be able to count on the kindness of others (like my grandma does) or pay someone to do the things I cannot. Or make my husband do it! 🙂
I will do whatever I can to make sure that neither of my parents go to a nursing home; and I will stay out of one if at all possible! I worked in them and hope I never meet that fate.

You actually sound like most of us..

but some things to ponder now while the sun is shining, transportation concerns – what if you can’t drive yourself any longer?
when you’re older you don’t seem to heal as quickly, so what if you were to suffer a fall
how would you go about getting your groceries, get to your doctor’s appointments, wash your clothes if you couldn’t physically lift your laundry basket
Is it our children’s responsibility to care for us? What if they have a family?
What if you yourself have a disabled adult child that you’ve been caring for but you’re unable to at some point?
Two stories with steps versus a ranch or single story house/condo/apartment
What about the weather where you live? Cold weather makes you ache…

Just putting more questions into the mix….

I haven’t given retirement much thought

I started putting money away when I was in my early 30’s and I still do. My plan is to have my mortgage taken care of in my 40’s. We live very cheaply, and I don’t see that changing, so I just hope we can live on the land a little and the rest of our savings/ss/retirement!
I guess my point is that I’m always squirreling it away for that day, but I don’t really have a goal in mind. I’ll work until I can’t, even if I’m a gazillionaire. I guess when my health starts sliding, I’ll put a date on the goal, but for now, I just make hay while the sun shines!!!