Cold weather makes you ache?

lol Oh, Williams. You’re a riot! So, that’s why you beat it out of the north (just kidding)??? I guess cold weather only makes you ache if you don’t move. We downhill ski a couple of times a week, and my husband just bought the two preschoolers their own sets of cross country skis, boots and poles this week. They’ve already been out twice since Sunday. I think when we retire we’ll actually spend more time going to ski resorts and skiing. The resort we ski at has a huge group of over 80 year olds who get together and ski weekly. One guy is over 100, and skis all the time. They’ve even given him his own parking spot, just in his honor.

I give thought to long term care insurance all the time. My inlaws do not have it and yet shop and go to casinos. They are very nice people, but I find it so frustrating and irresponsible to tell you the truth. By the time all my children are out of the house, I’ll be 64; I do not want to then have to start taking care of my inlaws. Everytime they buy my children (their grandchildren) trinkets, all I can think to myself is why don’t they save this money and buy themselves long term care insurance??? My husband has mentioned it to them, but they just blow him off. The problem is, they are planning on retiring to the cabin that is two lots down from our home. If we buy the lot next to ours, and build on it, they will be our next door neighbors. My husband is very close to his parents, but I don’t think it is at all fair for us to then assume their care just because they haven’t planned for their elder care. I figure if you don’t have a plan, then you’re just planning on the government to take care of you, and that is not my plan for myself. Why don’t other people get this? Ok. Can I scream here now???? This really is a concern to me, as selfish as it sounds.