I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to care for my parents

but I want to be able to do it if it comes up. I’ve been begging my grandma to come live with us since we moved to a larger house.
There’s a very good chance that we would inherit most of the real estate our parents own (plus a grandparent); no mortgages on any except one (which is the only one we wouldn’t inherit 100%), in addition to the 2 houses we currently own.
I hope to be in the position that if I were unable to do for myself that I would either be able to count on the kindness of others (like my grandma does) or pay someone to do the things I cannot. Or make my husband do it! 🙂
I will do whatever I can to make sure that neither of my parents go to a nursing home; and I will stay out of one if at all possible! I worked in them and hope I never meet that fate.