Idealistically, we would like to move to a retirement home with step up care

Two of our sons have small cottage like homes on their property and have offered those when the time comes…but for us having other olders around us, being able to come and go as we please knowing that if something happened we would have the care we needed there is more what we are looking for.

We love the semi self sufficient country life we now live, but when we “retire” we want it to be just that. We WILL spend time with our children in the guest houses, but I want them to be able to do what they want if one of us should be bedridden.

The one we have our eye on is called The Lodge, very nice place and it allows up to two animals per apartment. The cost ) includes meals and transportation if you want although you can certainly have a vehicle, is 2500 a month…….way more then we spend a month now… I have a few years to save up 🙂