Well, I guess we’re sort of semi retired already

We travel about 2 months out of the year (breaking it up into various trips throughout the year). We’re debt free, and we sock away most of our money into various categories. Older kids are in college, all paid for. I’ll turn 50 this year and dh will turn 40 next month. Our jobs are flexible so we can travel as we do. I don’t think we’ll ever truly retire because we both enjoy what we do and they are not stressful jobs. I think my husband is looking at turning his part time business into a full time business in the next few years, but we’ll see. He travels with his full time job, and it’s getting to be a bit taxing for all of us with his being away from the family so often. If we did actually go for it (full blown retirement), it will be when we’re comfortable with the cash reserves and investments we have, and when we can sell the home we currently reside in for a tidy sum. We’re contemplating purchasing the lot next to ours, and then we’ll eventually build on that after we sell this home, and bank the rest of the money. We’ll probably by a motorhome then as well. I’m definitely planning on getting some sort of elder care health insurance by the time I turn 60. Hopefully, I’ll still be in good health and it should be a lot cheaper to get it then, rather than wait until I’m 70. Our younger children will only be 12 and 14, so we’ll still have a few more years until college for them, but I think after we both get them off to college, we’ll definitely do a lot more traveling, and maybe we’ll chuck our jobs by then.